Young Living Member Sign up

by Ashley

So are you ready to get started?! It’s pretty simple to sign up as a member and start getting your oils at 24% off; let me walk you through it!

If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils before signing up, or you have any questions, let me know

Follow these instructions to sign up!

  1. Visit
  2. “Member” will already be selected for you; if you switch it to Retail Customer you won’t be eligible for the 24% discount, so don’t change this!
  3. My member number should already be filled in for you in both the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID fields, but if for some reason they aren’t, my member number is 18120936.
  4. Select the “Premium Starter Kit”. This is the only kit that includes both the Diffuser and the 12 Everyday/Most Popular Oils! It will give you the option to pick a diffuser. There isn’t a big difference between the dessert mist and dewdrop other than the apperence. So just pick which one you think is prettier! The Aria has built in relaxation sounds, diffuses more and in my option is the prettiest, but it is an additional charge!
  5. Scroll to the Essential Rewards section and choose yes or no! Essential Rewards is an awesome rewards program (kind of like a monthly wellness box) that has some great benefits! This is what I shared in my story; this months ER order! But if you would rather just get your starter kit and try out the oils first before committing to a monthly order, you can always sign up for ER later on!
  6. Fill out all of the information. You’ll notice they ask for your Social Security Number, but don’t freak out! It is a federal regulation for tax purposes so that you can receive a paycheck if you decide to refer others (Young Living is a referral-based business). But if you are just signing up in order to get the 24% discount you can just click individual (No social security number required). But, if you think you will ever refer someone, like your mom, sister, etc. click the individual (with social security number), your SS# will NEVER EVER be used! You will never be pressured to refer others to Young Living or sign anyone up; the point of this is so that you can get the oils you love at a great discount; you don’t have to work the business end unless you want to!
  7. Make sure you write down your username, password, and PIN so that you can log in to the Young Living site to place future orders.
  8. Fill out your payment information and click Next.
  9. If you want to add any additional oils or products to your order, you can do so at this point. Otherwise, once you check out, you’re done!
  10. Congratulations!!!! If you have any questions, let me know!