Ashley Terk’s 2020 Gift Guide for Her

by Ashley

My 2020 Gift Guide for Her is HERE!

Are you a born “gift-giver”? You are able to find the perfect gift every time, no matter the recipient and you package it so beautifully that it makes the package look like the gift itself. If so, then you may not need my gift guides but you will still want to check them out! They are chock full of ideas at all price points for the special people in your life.

My team and I have been working for several months curating gifts for all members of the family. Gifts for her, him, the kids, and stocking stuffers for all and finding the perfect gift is so fun for both the giver and the recipient!

So let’s get started! Presenting…my 2020 Gift Guide for Her…


Able Leather Backpack // Revlon Hairdryer Brush // Adidas Sneakers // Initial Necklace // Portable Phone Charger // Gold Hoop Earrings // Kitchenaid Mixer // Lack of Color Fedora Hat // Jewelry Sanitizer // Clear Glass Mugs // Suede Boots // Cuisinart Knife Block // Leather Tote // Sunglasses // Charging Stand // Makeup Mirror

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Able Leather Backpack – I have this backpack and I love it! You can’t go wrong with this gift! It will hold your computer and what you need for an overnight trip and will make the perfect gift for the person that has to carry stuff!

Revlon Hairdryer Brush – Have you heard about this gem? It will cut drying and styling time in half for the recipient of this gift. And they will love it. A gift that is both functional AND useful.

Adidas Sneakers – These sneakers are both stylish and comfy! They will be a hit with all the girls and you cannot go wrong with these.

Initial Necklace – y’all see me wearing these often. I love them. You will love them and the people you buy them for will love them! So definitely check these out!

Portable Phone Charger – stick this in your handbag or backpack and never worry about a dead phone battery again!

Gold Hoop Earrings – I mention these often because they one of my favorite things to gift. Excellent quality and they come in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Kitchenaid Mixer – This is a must-have for any kitchen! Did you know that you can shred a rotisserie chicken using the paddle attachment? This baby does it all!

Lack of Color Fedora Hat – I love hats! This is one of my favorites and it would be the perfect gift for the hat loving girl/woman in your life!

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Jewelry Sanitizer – Clean and sanitize your jewelry in one step. Make the diamonds sparkle and the gold or silver glisten!

Clear Glass Mugs – I love having coffee in these. The handle fits nicely in my hand. You can’t go wrong with a coffee mug!

Suede Boots – Do I really need to say anything about these? Seriously? One can never have too many boots. That is all!

Cuisinart Knife Block – a good knife set is an essential item in any kitchen and this set is KING! Complete with kitchen shears and steak knives this set will meet all your cutting needs.

Leather Tote – I love a good tote and this is the perfect size for holding all the necessities of life – phone, keys, tablet, wallet, and the other odds and ends that end up in our bags!

Sunglasses – you have seen me in these! I love them.

Charging Station – Tired of having multiple charging cords all over the place? Use this for a neat and tidy charging area!

Makeup Mirror – THE BEST for seeing all the tiny hairs we try to tweeze and for getting your makeup just right for that special night out.


Check out my other 2020 gift guide for him, and my stocking stuffer guide for adults. And be sure to follow me on Instagram for all my latest finds.


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