Mother’s Day Gift Guide

by Ashley

Still need a Mother’s Day Gift? My Mother’s Day Gift Guide is here!!

I can’t believe Mother’s day is less than a week away! This is my second year celebrating Mother’s Day as a mom myself! Being a mom is such an amazing blessing, a high calling, and an incredible gift. And let’s be honest, it’s HARD WORK too, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 

A few months ago, none of us in the United States would have thought that we would not be able to go out for brunch or go to the mall to find the perfect gift for Mom! But that is the case across much of the United States. Mother’s Day brunch must be ordered ahead and picked up. And shopping needs to be done online.

Even though we are surviving a worldwide pandemic, we cannot stop living our lives. (We at LEAST need to live our lives as best we can under the current circumstances!) This is an unusual time for all of us, BUT…life must go on…at least in some fashion!

During these weird and different times, if anyone needs to be remembered and celebrated this year, it is your Mother! (Or the mother of your children.) So I have created the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide just for you! Many of the items can be ordered using Amazon Prime and will arrive in time for the celebration!

(** I just ordered 3 things off this list last night and even though Amazon said they wouldn’t arrive in time, I just got a notification they are being delivered today!!! So just keep that in mind. I think Amazon is just giving themselves extra time to ship things just in case they get behind with an influx in orders. I would go ahead and order everything you need and worst case if it doesn’t get here in time, they offer free returns!**)



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