My Favorite New Multivitamins!

by Ashley

A Health Find

Y’all, I have to tell you about my latest healthy find!! You probably know that I am not a big fan of multivitamins even though they may have some benefit, they often contain ingredients that are non-essential. And you know that I want to use clean, healthy products in my home (hello Young Living Essential Oils), on and IN my body. And I have found a multivitamin that meets these criteria!! While I am in partnership with Ritual, y’all know that I only share products that I truly believe in and I believe in Ritual multivitamins!

My Favorite New Multivitamins! by Ashley Terk

I started taking Ritual multivitamins a few weeks ago. Ritual was founded by a woman looking for a clean, healthy prenatal multivitamin that didn’t contain “questionable ingredients” She writes on the website, “I founded Ritual with the belief that better health begins with better ingredients.”

My Favorite New Multivitamins! by Ashley Terk

Some of my Favorite Things about Ritual are…

  • the size of the multivitamins – they are small. Not some large horse size pill that I have trouble swallowing!
  • only take 2 a day – they contain the nutrients I need in 2 small pills!
    • BONUS note – I took them to my doctor to have her check them out and she was very impressed by their nutrients and traceability. SCORE!
  • the mouthfeel. No, they are not chewable. You don’t really TASTE them but once you place it in your mouth to swallow it you get a minty, fresh feel.

But the best thing about them is that I take them consistently and I feel great! In that past, I would remember to take my vitamins for several days and then forget for a few days. Since taking Ritual I have taken them consistently. I think it is mainly due to only having to take 2 tablets. As I said, they supply key vitamins and minerals I need.*

My Favorite New Multivitamins! by Ashley Terk

Do you Want to Try Them?

Are you looking for a multivitamin? One that is formulated with key vitamins and minerals most of us need? One that is easy to swallow and has a nice mouthfeel? Is small and easy to swallow? Then try Ritual!*

If you would like to try them for yourself, click HERE!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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