New Year Detox Plan: 3 Easy Ways to Detox your Home for the New Year

by Ashley

Even though it’s already February, I still can’t believe it’s 2019! So much happened in 2018 that I am so grateful for like moving to Los Angeles, and the birth of Ryser, but I am even more excited for this next year.

Honestly, I love the beginning of a new year because you have the opportunity to start fresh. I love dreaming about the year ahead and outlining my goals.

Now that we have Ryser, I am more aware than ever of what products I am bringing into our house and specifically using around him! I want to make sure that he is growing up in the healthiest, happiest environment possible. So, in 2019 one of my resolutions is to commit to detoxing! Detoxing our baby products, household products, and even personally!

I wanted to share with you my new year detox plan for 2019 and what top products I am using to help me accomplish my goals. 

I am also sharing how easy it can be to make these changes by using products that are easily available. Hello Target! (my favorite, one-stop shop)

3 Ways to Detox and Refresh in the New Year:

1. Commit to Clean Baby Products!

I know it’s hard to believe but there are tons of baby products out there that use harmful chemicals and substances. As a mom, you shouldn’t have to compromise your baby’s health for products that actually work, which is why I am so excited to have found the Pampers Pure Collection at Target! Y’all know I do almost all of my shopping at Target, so it’s perfect that this incredible line is available there!

The Pampers Pure Collection has diapers and wipes that actually work that are made from premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials. The diapers are fragrance and paraben free but also provide amazing dryness and leak protection! And, the Aqua Pure wipes are specially designed to protect your baby’s skin by maintaining their skin’s pH balance.

New Year detox plan featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Ashley Hodges

And to make the shopping process even better, Target has a drive up option to pick up an order! You can shop in the Target app and then head to the store when you get a notification that your order is ready! You just park in a designated spot and they will bring out your order. Such a game changer for me since I’m always on-the-go!

2. Choose Clean House Products!

You could drink all the green juice in the world, but if you are using harmful chemicals at home, you could be affecting your health! Did you know that the air quality inside your house can be worse than outside simply because of the cleaning products you’re using/This year, I am going through all of my household cleaning products and getting rid of anything that is toxic that could compromise my family’s health.

One of my favorite lines of non-toxic cleaning products is Young Living’s Thieves Cleaning Line. If you aren’t familiar with Young Living, their essential oils based products are created to enhance physical wellness and purify your home. Not only does this line of products smell so delicious, the household cleaner in particular works better than any cleaner I have ever used on greasy ovens, showers/tubs, counter tops, floors, jewelry, just about anything really. They also have laundry detergent and dish soap.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils in general, I wrote a post just for you: Essential Oils 101

3. Challenge Yourself to Stay Active! 

Another way I am committing to a healthier lifestyle in the new year is by consistently practicing hot yoga. Because of the high temperature in a hot yoga class, you tend to burn more calories, have increased blood flow to your muscles, gain increased flexibility, and decrease your stress! How are amazing are those benefits?! Once you’ve sweat buckets in hot yoga, you’ll be super thirsty so be sure to stay hydrated! When you flush your body with plenty of water post workout, you are naturally detoxifying your tissues and cells. 

And, a pro tip on staying motivated to workout: find a workout buddy! Now that I am living in Charlotte, I go to hot yoga with my whole family and I know my instructor personally! This way, I have people counting on me to come to class, and if I miss a session my workout buddies will hold me accountable. I have already been consistently doing yoga for the past few weeks, and I feel amazing! I know that this investment into my physical health will help me be the best version of myself this year. 

I’m so excited to put all of these practices in place and have an incredible 2019.

I hope that these tips on detoxifying your life and refreshing in the new year have been helpful to you! What resolutions have you made for 2019? I would love to hear them in a comment below!

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Abbie March 7, 2019 - 1:37 pm

Hi Ashley! I, too, have big plans to detoxify my life more this year. I love using essential oils and finding new ways to incorporate them into our household. My mom and I also do hot yoga every week. About how many times a week do you go?

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