Friday Favorites: Trending Denim

by Ashley

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Hi #TerkTribe!

Chances are if you’ve been in any of your favorite stores lately you’ve noticed a huge shift from last years denim choices to this years. The classic blue jeans are now anything but classic… From skinny to wide leg, boyfriend to girlfriend, mom to dad, denim options are all over the board this season. So, why not have fun with it and add some embroidery, sequins, mixed denim, or color?!

For this ‘Friday Favorite’ I asked y’all in my Instagram story poll what you wanted to see and Trending Denim was by far the winner! As always, if you have any Friday Favorites YOU want to see, comment below! Happy shopping, friends.

Shop even more of my fav trending denim options here:

Ashley Terkeurst Hodges || Trending Denim || Ways to Wear Denim



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