5 reasons I love Greats Shoes

by Ashley

Great Shoes by Ashley Hodges // Ashley Terk // Greats Brand // shoes // madewell - 5 reasons I love Greats Shoes and review by popular Los Angeles fashion blogger, Ashley Hodges

It’s no surprise I love Greats. I mean go look at my Instagram – Haha, you can find me wearing my Greats Wooster slip-ons all over my Instagram page.

Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll show you!



Greats shoes is “passionate about building the best footwear in the game at the best price.” Any company that provides great quality for a great price wins on my list. (A DOLLA MAKES ME HOLLA, honey boo boo child.) There are so many reasons why I love Greats shoes.

Here is my Greats shoes review with my top 5 reasons why I love Greats shoes:


Goes with any outfit… literally, You can dress it up or dress it down.

Luxury quality

Made out of a luxury Italian perforated leather.


Luxury designer shoes at a fraction of the cost of competitors.


Finally found a pair of slip-ons that A) stay on my feet, and B) Don’t give me blisters.

Easy to clean

I’m obsessed with white. But having white shoes has always been a nightmare for me because they get ruined after only a few wears. No fear… all you girls out there who love white sneakers/slip-ons, Greats shoes are for you. I may or may not have gotten my slip ons stuck in the mud the second day I had them (haha whoops). My husband was able to clean them very easily and they look brand new again. I also saw Greats just posted a blog post on tips for cleaning their shoes, you can check it out here.

For the ultimate laidback look, just add Greats Wooster slip-ons!



Have you tried Greats shoes? If so, what are your favorite ones? If not, I HIGHLY recommend you get some (I mean obviously… I wrote a whole blog post on it – haha).

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5 reasons I love Greats Shoes and review by popular Los Angeles fashion blogger, Ashley Hodges



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