by Ashley


I had a super early morning today. I left at 6:30am for a busy 2 weeks of traveling. First, I am flying to South Dakota for a day and Iowa for 2 days (so random right?). My older sister and I are traveling with my mom to her speaking engagements. Then I will head to Charlotte for two days to hang with the family. From there I leave for Destin for a little family vacay for a week. I am so excited!! I don’t know about ya’ll but family vacations are seriously my favorite. I mean my honeymoon was pretty amazing so I guess thats #1 but family vacations is for sure #2 on the list. I am really hoping the weather is nice because ‘ya girl’ is trying to layout as much as possible!

Okay funny story time. You know this cardigan that I have on? Yeah so, I thought it was super cute and the ULTIMATE travel sweater because it’s very comfy and it’s long. That way when I get cold on the plane, I can use it like a blanket. So, I go through security and the TSA security guy looks at me and says “lol I like your robe” then I said “oh haha it’s actually not a robe it’s an oversized cardigan” then the other security guy pipes in and says, “Yeah like 50 times oversized.” #RUDE… I don’t care what they think because I love it and they CLEARLY do not know fashion. Right? Feel free to show me some love and comment below that you agree its super cute!

Here are my 3 takeaways from the day:

  1. Don’t listen to the TSA guys when they hate on your outfit. They clearly are not on Pinterest looking up the latest fashion trends.
  2. Always wear your Apple Watch in the airport especially if you have a lay over in Atlanta. You’ll be reaching  your activity goals in no time!
  3. Stop at the gas station on your way to the airport to pick up all your yummy travel treats; or pack your own from home. You will seriously save so much money because everything at the airport is double if not triple the price.

PS. Be sure to follow along on Instagram because I’ll be posting lots of fun spring / summer outfits and swimwear especially when I’m in Destin! I also linked some summer and spring break swimwear and outfit options under the ‘shop’ tab, for those of you looking for clothes for your upcoming vacations!


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Photography by: Madalynn Young

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