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Current Favorites:

  1. Starbucks Cold Brew With Vanilla Sweet Cream

    I’m a huge Starbucks fan because I love coffee and I love drive-thrus. Since I go almost every day, I had a few drinks that I would alternate between so that I wouldn’t get sick of it. It turns out I didn’t pick my drink choices wisely because a few weeks ago I got tired of it. I KNOW! WORST THING EVER, RIGHT?! I was desperate to find a new drink ASAP because ya girl needed her coffee. I thought of a great plan, but it required me to actually get out of my car this time, and go inside the Starbucks. Desperate times calls for desperate measures; no luxury drive thru for me. My plan was to listen to what the person in front of me ordered and then order the same thing. Guess what they ordered? Yep, Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweat Cream. I’ve been hooked every since and still haven’t gotten sick of it! I think its because it doesn’t have that heavy milk taste like Lattes and Macchiatos.

  2. Bug Zapper Racket

    I hate bugs. Like A LOT. I’m really not that big of a diva; it’s just a fact that I get eaten alive when I am around bugs. So, I’m sure you can guess one of my top pet peeves… bugs in my house. The weather is starting to get warmer which means the bugs start coming out and somehow they magically find themselves in my home. Last week I lost it. I was tired of clapping my hands around trying to kill them, and the gross guts (or whatever comes out when you smash bugs) on my hands, walls, and floors. So, I ordered a Bug Zapper Racket, and it fixed all my problems. It’s really fun, I know that sounds horrible, haha, but its a lot better than me getting angry and yelling at my husband to get them all. Happy wife, happy life or something like that. RIGHT?!

  3. LipSense

    D and I have this rule that if I have lipstick on, he has to kiss me very very lightly because otherwise, he messes up all my makeup and it’s pointless to wear lipstick if I’m around him. LipSense is kiss proof, water proof and I forget the last one, but it’s a lot of “proofs” lol. It is the BEST! I don’t have to reapply after I eat or drink anything, I don’t have to worry about it smudging or getting all over my face and best of all, D can kiss all over me with NO restrictions or rules! HORRAYY!! Okay… that was probably TMI. I have the starter kit which comes with a color (I got ‘Bella‘), a gloss and a remover. I love it! I can’t wait to try more colors! Have you tried LipSense? What are your favorite colors?

  4. Gold Bond Powder

    I am not a fan of no-show socks because they always slip off the back of my heal and become very uncomfortable. I also do not like stinky feet. That’s why Gold Bond Powder is my jam. I just sprinkle a little bit in the bottom of my booties and slip on’s and call it a day. GOODBYE uncomfy socks and stinky feet!

  5. Electronic Insect Killer

    Remember when I said earlier I hate bugs? The Bug Zapper Racket helps me kill the bugs that are already in my house, but it doesn’t control the amount of bugs that come into my house. I swear they know how much I hate them because they are seriously out to get me. The entrance to my home is like bug heaven. I needed something that would help me kill them before they got to my door. So, I ordered the Electronic Insect Killer. Let’s just say the light is already half way covered and it’s only been two days! RIP BUGS!!!

  6. Kombucha

    Okay, I’m going to be honest, a while ago my friend was drinking a Kombucha, and I was totally judging her, and I was against trying it. A few weeks ago I was over at my in-law’s house, and my mother-in-law was drinking one and told me to try it. Now if you know anything about my mother-in-law, Tammy Hodges, she is the sweetest, most loving human on the planet. Sometimes I even wonder if she’s an Angel because she’s that sweet. So obviously I wasn’t going to say no, so I tried it. My first thought was WOW this taste like an Izze! I grew up drinking Izzie’s, but then one day I realized how much sugar they contain and decided I’d rather just eat candy instead. Long story short, I got addicted and now drink Kombucha all the time! I’M OBSESSED, hence why it made it on this list. Since I started drinking it so much, I figured I should probably do a little research to make sure it wasn’t horrible for me. I found that Kombucha is actually good for you. It is known to improve digestion, weight loss, increased energy, cleansing, detoxification, immune support, reduced joint pain and more! COUNT ME IN! I’m not trying to lose weight, cleanse or anything like that, so I haven’t been keeping track if all that is true. But I DO notice when things give me energy because that is VERY rare #NarcolepsyProbz. So that is one thing I have noticed is true; I definitely feel more energized after I drink a Kombucha! My favorite brand is GT’S, and my favorite flavors are Trilogy, Gingerberry, and Strawberry Serenity.

What are your current favorites?

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