by Ashley

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that you can’t be the best version of yourself unless you first take care of yourself, aka Self Care. I’m always reminding myself of the saying “you can’t give what you don’t have.” This little quote has so much truth to it! If you’re not full and taken care of then you are not able to go out and love on and give to others. That being said, self-care is so super important (and something I really don’t excel at haha). So, as much as I’m writing this post for you, friend, I’m really writing this to myself as well. Writing this has already helped me discover how to better take care of myself, and I hope it does the same for you too!

p.s.– I share all about my new fav fragrance, Ralph Lauren Woman, in the last paragraph! I just purchased it at the Belk Beauty Event (B.E.) which is taking place until 9/24. This campaign is so special because it is helping you find the products you need to be the best version of YOU!

SO… Let’s get started! Here are 9 of my best self-care tips:


Okay, I’ll admit, I’m not a huge nature girl. You’ll never see me hugging a tree or going for a 10-mile trail run, but one thing I have noticed is that getting outside is a wonderful way to take care of myself! As the Fall-ish weather rolls in, my new favorite outdoor activity is to go on walks with my husband and our precious pup Zola. Taking 30 minutes out of my day to get in a little exercise truly lifts my spirit and boots my mood more than I ever expected!


People often assume that since my mom is an author that means I was born with a love for books… Lol. That’s a joke. Up until a few months ago I hardly ever picked up a book (sorry, Mom). Once I started finding books that appealed to me personally and what I love to learn about, I couldn’t get my nose out of them! I’ve found that reading has a way of both clearing my mind and lets me learn (which I LOVE doing) at the same time. Thinking of doing a whole post dedicated to sharing all the amazing books I’ve read lately but in the meantime, here are the links to a few I’m reading and loving right now!



Goodness, me, nothing makes my heart happier than crossing something off my to-do list. Whether this looks like getting my text messages down to 0 unread messages, finishing up a home-improvement project, or even cleaning out that messy closet we all have, it truly feels incredible to finally accomplish a task you’ve been wanting to complete for forever.


Ever since I was little and did gymnastics I have loved working out and keeping my body in shape. I love doing anything active and maybe getting in a little sweat too. Now I will say, I don’t necessarily like going to the gym and hopping on the treadmill for a few miles, but I love taking classes. My most recent fav workout class is Pure Barre (insert heart eye emojis). Click here to read all about my PB experience and advice!


I’ve learned that no matter who you are, writing stuff down ALWAYS helps. I hear best from the Lord when I journal during my quiet time. Sometimes I journal my pains, but sometimes even my joys! It’s also a great way to get to know yourself better (sounds funny, I know) and really care for yourself too. So grab a pen and get to writing!


Round up your husband, boyfriend, or girl gang and get intentional with making time with those you love! One of the best ways to truly treat yourself is to spend time with the people who are closest to you. So, that might look like a romantic candlelit dinner date with the hubs, or grab sushi with the girls. Either way, quality time with your people is a great way to fill yourself up again.


Or you could do the exact opposite of my last suggestion and have a night in! Order a pizza, pick up some donuts (especially when that hot light is on…), and watch as much Netflix as your heart pleases. I think we can all agree that nights like these are the best way to unwind after a hard day. Wow, now I’m craving donuts….


Ok- trust me on this one. Do you need help with your blog or business? There’s a podcast on that. Do you wanna learn more about Jesus? There’s a podcast on that. Do you want to be a better wife? Podcast. There is a podcast for everything!!! So next time you’re in the car and that Spotify playlist just isn’t cutting it anymore, trust your girl (aka me, Ashley) and turn on a Podcast! I promise your day will be so much better.



This one is definitely the most important of them all! Treating yourself is important because it allows you to take care of yourself in a way specific to you. Speaking of treating yourself… Let me show you my newest treat…

The new Ralph Lauren Fragrance Woman from Belk is my newest treat and I’m L O V I N G it. Anyone that knows me knows I’m particular about any scents I wear or use, but honestly, I have never smelled something more ‘me’. This perfume is the perfect scent for all occasions- work meeting, night on the town, church service. It is so important to B.E. the best version of yourself, and the Belk Beauty Event (B.E.) helped me to achieve just that!



Don’t forget! To shop this lovely Ralph Lauren fragrance you can go to Belk until 9/24.

So ladies, no matter what it looks like for you, remember to B.E.YOUtiful!





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