The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Planning Guide

by Ashley

I had the opportunity to plan one of my best friends’ bachelorette parties a couple of weekends ago, and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! It was so special being reunited with all my besties just spending time together and making new memories at the lake. I also LOVE planning events and it was so much fun going all out to celebrate my friend.

Bachelorette Party Planning: Where to Start?

My first step in planning the perfect bachelorette weekend was to reach out to Got Your Bach, a company that helps coordinate all things bachelorette! They helped me think through all the details of the weekend: from the food to the schedule to what decor I wanted. From there, I made a Pinterest board (click here to view my Pinterest board) to put all of my decor inspiration in one place. And then I decided to order all of the products myself!

I personally love bachelorette party planning and wanted to be involved in the whole decor process. But, if you would rather someone else plan the entire event, Got Your Bach is a full-service company, so they can plan the whole thing for you from start to finish!

Bachelorette Party Planning: Where to Stay?

For the bachelorette weekend, we were able to stay at one of the bridesmaids’ lake houses! It was the perfect venue because it had enough space for our group and we were able to use it for free! This gave us more room in the budget to buy decor items. Also, to accommodate our large group we brought in extra tables and chairs to set up for dinner each night.


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On the first day of the weekend, two other bridesmaids and I arrived early to set up the bride’s room, put together gift bags, and decorate for dinner which was Final Fiesta themed! I wanted the brides’ room to be filled with balloons and presents! We included an engagement ring floatie and a gift bag of fun wedding-themed items. For the gift bags for each bridesmaid, I included a monogrammed beach bag, t-shirt, monogrammed glass coffee mug, monogrammed hat, flower crown, bride tribe tattoos, and candy.

Decor Details and links:

Bride Ballon / 11″ white balloons / Ring pool float / Bride tribe tattoos

Monogrammed Bags, Monogrammed hats, and glass monogrammed coffee mugs are from Wedding Favorites!

“Bride” and “Bride’s Babes” Shirts are from Stag & Hen

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Our first night was a final fiesta themed dinner! I loved all of the bright colors, cacti, and gold elements! The Bachette has a collection of Tropical Fiesta themed decorations, which was so helpful! I purchased everything from there. To make things easy, we decided to have food catered for the weekend so we wouldn’t have to worry about buying ingredients and cleaning up from cooking! We just picked up food from a local Mexican restaurant for our first night in. It was perfect!

Decor Details and links:

Final Fiesta themed decor: The Bachette

Photo booth stand / White photo backdrop paper / Cactus print balloons / Final Fiesta banner balloon / Fiesta script ballon / Cactus balloon / Inflatable cactus / Mexican hanging flags (white) (color) / Hanging macramé / Macramé table runner / Mexican serape table runner / Maracas / Table confetti / “Sip Sip óle” napkins / Margarita glasses / Clear cups / Clear plates / White tablecloth

Balloon Arch:

5″ goldenrod yellow balloons / 5″ spring green balloons / 5″ lime green balloons / 11″ gold chrome balloons /11″ goldenrod yellow balloons / 11″ spring green balloons / 11″ lime green balloons / balloon arch strip / fishing line / Balloon Pump

How to make a Balloon Arch:

Setting up this photo booth for the weekend was my first time making a balloon arch! It’s surprisingly easier than it looks. Here’s how:

Making a balloon arch is so super easy with this hack: buy a balloon arch strip!! It’s less than $10 on Amazon and it holds all of the balloons in place! Just blow up each balloon (I used this air pump, not helium) then add the knotted end into the strip. Make sure to alternate the colors if that is the look you are going for! Once you’ve locked all of your balloons into the strip, blow up the smaller balloons (like 5″ size) and add them in the cracks to make it look more full. You can attach them with the balloon tape and just tape the smaller balloons to the bigger balloons. Once you are done, you can hang the arch with fishing line or clear command strips! Make sure to hang/attach the arch to the wall or pole at the end, middle and top so that the balloon arch holds the shape you want!

I used North Star and Qualatex brand balloons for all the balloons because they are such great quality!

Saturday morning was Brunch and Bubbly – the yummiest brunch from Ashley Mac’s, with a mimosa bar! I woke up early and swapped out all of the fiesta decorations from the night before for palm leaves and other bright, white elements. I especially loved the champagne and mimosa balloons and the custom cookies! I had the cookies specially made by Suárez Bakery. They are located here in Charlotte NC and their cakes and cookies are gorgeous. Not to mention they tasted absolutely amazing!

The hand lettering on the photo booth and the palm leaf placemats was done by Lizzie Lettering. She is so talented. I got the leaves here!

The bride’s babes shirts are from Stag & Hen! I thought they we so cute and they are amazing quality! I am still wearing mine all the time.

Decor Details and links:

Balloon arch: 11″ white balloons / 5″ white balloons / Palm leaves / Balloon arch strip / Fishing line / Balloon Pump

Photo booth stand / White photo backdrop paper / Hand lettering / Champagne balloon / Tassel garland / “Bubbly Bar” garland / Mimosa bar Sign and labels / Macramé hanging / Macramé table runner / Cheers champagne glasses / “I do crew” napkins / Palm leave placemats / Clear cups / Clear plates / White tablecloth

Decor Details and links:

Monogrammed hats / Flower crowns / Avocado pool float / Ring pool float

After brunch on Saturday, we spent the whole day at the lake tanning, dancing and hanging out. For the lake day, I had all the girls wear a black bathing suit and the bride wear white! Because we had such a big breakfast we just did smaller snacks for lunch. We had chicken salad, pimento cheese, fruit and more all from Ashley Mac’s which we picked up the day before.

If you’re not familiar, Ashley Mac’s is so delicious! If you live in Alabama you HAVE to go there! It is one of my favorite restaurants in Alabama and their to go food options and catering are all amazing, especially for parties!

Saturday night we went out to dinner and planned to have a lingerie shower back at the lake house! To go out, we all wore black and the bride wore white. It’s always so much fun getting dressed up to go out with your best friends.

The bride sash was from: Wedding Favorites.

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When we got back from dinner, we swapped the decor again to set up for the lingerie shower! I wanted to go with the classic Valentine’s look with lots of hearts and pink and red elements. We played all the silly “dirty-ish” games and had fun just being silly. We didn’t want to get too inappropriate with it but also wanted to have a little fun since it is a bachelorette weekend!





Decor Details and links:

4″ Heart balloons / 10″ Heart balloons / 18″ Heart balloons / 36″ Heart balloon / 18″ Round pink metallic balloon / 30″ Kissy lips balloons / Diamond ring Balloon / “Same Penis Forever” Banner / Paper Backdrop / Tablecloth / Table Confetti / Penis Cupcake Toppers / Ring Cupcake Toppers / Penis Straws / Drinking buddies cup markers / Shot glass necklaces / Macramé table runner / “Pop the Bubbly” Napkins / Clear dessert plates / Clear cups

The cookies were from: Suárez Bakery

The mini cupcakes were from: Ashley Mac’s. We got the assortment of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. If you live in Alabama, you have to get these for your next party or event! They are seriously so yummy!

Bachelorette Party Vendors:

Got your Bach / Wedding Favorites / Stag & Hen / Bachette / Suárez Bakery / Ashley Mac’s / Lizzie Lettering / Northstar and Qualatex Balloons /

Planning this weekend definitely took a lot of coordination, but it was all possible because of amazing vendors and Got Your Bach helping me envision it all! I can’t wait until another friend is getting married so we can do it all again. We seriously had a blast!

Do you have a bachelorette weekend coming up? I would love to hear what you have planned! Have you already pulled off the best bachelorette party? What made the weekend extra special?! I would love to hear from you!

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