The Container Store Summer Sale, 25% Off!

by Ashley

The last year of our lives has been quite the adventure…we moved to Los Angeles, had a baby, and then moved across the country to Charlotte! I am so grateful for all of the memories made in California and now for the opportunity to live close to my family (thank you, Jesus!!), but moving that much with a new baby is hard work! If you’ve been following along on my stories you have probably seen how I have been able to keep my house straight: it’s all thanks to the Container Store! Seriously, I use the Container Store products ALL over my house. From storage bins in the kitchen to installing their Elfa Closet system in all of our closets…their products and services have changed my life.

Right now they’re having a Make Space for Summer Sale! If you didn’t quite get on board with Spring Cleaning this year, now is your chance to organize all of the top areas you’ll be using this summer with The Container Store Summer Sale. They have incredible storage solutions for all the sports equipment in the garage, for craft supplies, for traveling, and for all of your beauty products in the bathroom.

Here are my Container Store Summer Sale top picks in each category!


Be sure to shop the Container Store Summer Sale before it’s over at the End of June!


Top Garage Storage Solutions


Top Office/Craft Storage Solutions


Top Travel Storage Solutions

Top Bath/Beauty Storage Solutions

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