Friday Favorites: Top 10 binge-worthy Netflix Series

by Ashley

Hi #TerkTribe!

Guess who’s back again with another round of Friday Favorites?!

As the cold air begins to roll in I find myself spending a lot more time in bed cuddled up to my hubby watching our favorite Netflix shows. So it seemed only natural for that to be what I share with you this week! Sit back, relax, and get your Netflix account ready because these shows are going to change your nighttime tv life.


Friday Favorites // Netflix Binge-Worthy Shows // Ashley Terkeurst Hodges // The Office

I had to start off this countdown strong with the classic The Office. What makes this show so great is how well-formed and hilarious each individual character is. This show is great for some real big belly laughs, and towards the end of the show, some good ole tears. So, if you are wanting to find a show where you feel like you are actually a part of the cast, The Office is for you!


Friday Favorites // Netflix Binge-Worthy Shows // Ashley Terkeurst Hodges // Haters Back Off // Miranda Sings

Okay… I know what you’re thinking. This is a joke, right?! Well joke’s on you because I love this show!!! Haha. Growing up my sisters and I would always watch Miranda Sings videos on YouTube, die from laughter, and then proceed to put on red lipstick and impersonate her. Please tell me some of y’all did this too?? Anyways, David and I started watching this show last week and needless to say, we have already finished it. So if you’re looking for a little immaturity and lots of laughs this is definitely the perfect option for you!


Friday Favorites // Netflix // Ashley Terkeurst Hodges // OJ Simpson

If you’re anything like me you’ve always been a bit fascinated with the O.J. Simpson case and all it’s interesting details. This show does an excellent job of putting the whole story into action with actors such as John Travolta, David Schwimmer, and Sarah Paulson. The cast does any amazing job to help accurately describe the case and all the controversy that surrounded it. If mystery murder dramas are your jam, then this is a must.


Friday Favorites // Netflix // Binge-Worthy // Ashley Terkeurst Hodges // Parks and Recreation

Similar to The Office, Parks and Recreation uses that witty humor to suck you in and get you addicted. It is often up for debate about  which of the two shows is funnier, and although my vote is not in favor of Parks and Rec, I will say it is definitely worth a good binge-watch. This show has just about every unique and weird character you could dream up, which makes the city of Pawnee such a likable place. Also, Leslie Knope is one of the greatest fictional TV characters if all time.


Friday Favorites // Netflix // Ashley Terk // Riverdale

Not going to lie, I have yet to watch this one, but when I asked you guys on my Instagram what YOUR favorite bringe-worthy series is, this show won by a landslide! According to my research, Riverdale is based on the characters in Archie Comics and takes place in a small town and the dark and mysterious happenings that take place there. This show can go from being eerie, to funny, to romantic all within a few seconds. The students of Riverdale High take it upon themselves to help solve the murder of one of their fellow students, Jason Blossom. I can’t wait to start watching!!


What sets Blacklist apart from any other crime show is that the criminal is actually the one to turn himself in in order to help the FBI capture dangerous criminals, but only agrees to speak to one woman… Elizabeth Keen. This series is super intriguing and is perfect for binge-watching.


Friday Favorites // Netflix Binge-Worthy Shows // Ashley Terkeurst Hodges // Stranger Things

Not gonna lie, it took me quite a while to get talked into watching this show. I loathe sci-fi and anything scary and this one has both of those things… Yikes. But due to peer pressure I caved and let me just tell you… If you haven’t caved yet either then you’re missing out! Stranger Things will have you up till 3 a.m. trying to find Will Byers yourself. And don’t even get me started on the second season…


Friday Favorites // Netflix Binge-Worthy Shows // Ashley Hodges // Scandal

If you love a good cliffhanger, then this show is an absolute definite. Olivia Pope is a lawyer and crisis management expert represents high-profile politicians and other people of the type in Washington D.C., so as you can tell it’s got to be juicy and, well, scandalous. Plus it has killer music in every episode, which only makes the show THAT much better. You’re welcome in advance for this one.


Friday Favorites // Netflix Binge-Worthy Shows // Ashley Terkeurst Hodges // Friends

Ohhh, the classic Friends. It also took me a while to hop on this bandwagon as well, but once I did it became a real obsession. I mean… Who doesn’t want to wear all those 90’s clothes and hang out in a coffee shop all day with your best friends in NYC?! Friends is perfect for late at night when you only have time to squeeze in one episode and want a few laughs before bed. WARNING: You WILL want to be a part of this friend group and you WILL be sad when you have to come to the conclusion that it’s just a show.


Friday Favorites // Netflix Binge-Worthy Shows // Ashley Terkeurst Hodges // How To Get Away With Murder


My top favorite Netflix show of all time is definitely How to Get Away With Murder. If you haven’t noticed after reading this list, I tend to lean towards the mystery shows that leave you on the edge of your seat to where you HAVE to click “Next Episode”… LOL. This show is about a college professor at Philadelphia University, Annalise Keating, who selects five of her first year law students to help her on a case, in what later turns into them getting involved in a murder plot. So, if you’re wondering what you can catch Ashley Hodges watching every weeknight, it is this show right here.


I’m always looking for good shows to watch so if I’ve missed any binge-worhty shows you think are a must-watch, comment them down below! Also- What should next week’s Friday Favorites be?! Let me know!





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Paige Straarup November 4, 2017 - 7:19 pm

We just started How to Get Away with Murder last week and are soooo addicted! And Riverdale is on deck

Jan Hernig November 5, 2017 - 12:55 pm

There are some great documentaries you didn’t mention, 1) “Is Genesis History?” and “In Search of Noah’s Ark” both are very informative and do not discredit the Bible, not bad for secular programs!

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