First Trimester Must Haves

by Ashley

Time is flying by and I want to share the little things that have made a HUGE difference for me during my first trimester. It’s crazy how much the body changes as it starts to create a baby, and learning what works and what doesn’t is so important to best experience those changes.

Here are my First Trimester Must Haves:

First Trimester Must Haves featured by popular Los Angeles blogger, and expecting mom, Ashley Terk.

One-a-Day Prenatal Vitamins

When I found out I was preggo, I went to my doctor and asked what I should be taking. Make sure you get it approved AND eat something when you take it — believe me, it’ll save you a stomach ache!

Yeti Cup

 Something about lukewarm drinks make me SO sick, so I do not leave my house without my cooler cup. Pregnancy has made me thirstier than I’ve ever been, and having a cup that keeps things cold is the best way to stay hydrated. 

Find a drink that you LOVE

For me, it’s La Croix or super cold ice water with lots of lemons. Finding one that keeps you hydrated and you love is the best way to WANT to drink more.


Oh my goodness, I keep it around everywhere. Sucking on peppermint candy canes or mints has helped me overcome so many nauseous moments. I also diffuse peppermint oil which has helped so much!


Same thing as the peppermints. When I’m not eating something (which is rare thanks to this crazy pregnancy appetite) I typically am chewing cinnamon gum. It settles my stomach!

Ginger Ale + Saltine Crackers

Honestly, what a duo. I keep them by my bed so when I wake up feeling sick, I can eat 2 or 3 crackers and some ginger ale. Most of the time, it is the perfect way to feel a little more full and settled, and I can go straight back to bed.


Once again, great for my nausea. Can you tell yet that I’m SO over morning sickness?


Every single night. Peppermint tea, cinnamon apple spice–there are so many different flavors. Catch me and David watching a movie with tea in my hands on any given weekend.

Essential oils

You all already know a little about how these have changed so much about my health, and my pregnancy has been no different. Peppermint and lemon have been great to add to my water, and diffusing thieves, has given my immune system the kick in the booty it needs during this trimester. You can read more about essential oils and why I use them everyday >> here << .

Ginger chews

Basically chewable ginger ale? Sign me up.

Comfy clothes

Quite possibly the most important thing on this list. I’ve quickly learned that wearing tight clothes makes me more nauseous. Finding the clothes like those forgiving sweatpants or leggings and old sorority t-shirts from college that make you feel better is VITAL!

Shop these First Trimester Must Haves:


If you’re expecting, I pray some of these help you as much as they have me. I’m glad we are doing this together.

For the moms that already have 1 or 2 under their belt, which first trimester must haves am I missing? I’d love to hear what you eat/use/take too! Here’s to another trimester and more must haves.


Xo, Ashley


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Starving Author May 5, 2018 - 9:12 pm

I can’t believe your past first trimester! Ashley Terkeurst Hodges is just sailing through life in the adult world, as a business woman, a wife, and now an expectant mother. A part of me wishes I had your life. Very settled and already well established! Very good for 22. I could read and review some pregnancy books for you if you would like. Really, I would.

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