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Only five more weeks to go until David and I finally get to meet our little man! It’s wild how much time has passed and how soon baby boy will be here (if you haven’t seen our gender reveal video, check it out here). Soon we’ll start classes and really preparing the house to welcome him home. There have been so many changes in the baby and in my body since 23 weeks, it’s amazing the way the Lord made women’s bodies.

35 WEEK PREGNANT BUMPDATE featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger, and expecting mom, Ashley Hodges35 WEEK PREGNANT BUMPDATE featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger, and expecting mom, Ashley Hodges(Dress from PinkBlush. Click >> here << for the link to the dress!)




Does the baby move differently now than earlier in the pregnancy?  

Yes! Before the baby moved mostly in flutters and kicks, now he full on rolls. My whole belly moves and looks like there is an alien in my stomach. The kicks are so strong they shake my whole belly,  clearly he’s already preparing for living-room-floor wrestling with his daddy.


What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in your body as you get further along?

My boobs are definitely bigger (hello nursing, I see you coming in hot) and my hips are getting wider, stretching apart so my body has more room to give birth. David says I’m less boney and more squishy (haha)! I also have more prominent, visible veins which I haven’t noticed before.


Has your appetite increased or decreased? What do you typically eat in a day? Any new cravings?

MY APPETITE HAS INCREASED. I am ALWAYS hungry. I’ve been trying to eat healthier because it’s better for the baby and I don’t want to gain too much weight, but I’m so bad at eating healthy. I’m doing a lot better than I used to just because I have a goal other than feeding myself and that’s the baby.

I’ve cut out dairy because it helps with the hormonal acne (click here to see my blog on how I deal with pregnancy acne). I drink lots of water with lemon! I eat a lot of eggs because you can make so many different combinations with them and they’re the purest source of protein and amino acids which helps both me and the baby. Cereal is my go to for breakfast and late night snacks (as ya’ll know by now if you’ve been following me for a while). I’m always craving fruit so I eat a lot of fruit in smoothies and by itself. Of course, CHICK-FIL-A. A staple because im addicted! Where I do cave and lose a bit of the “healthy eating” is my sweet tooth. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and its even worse now that I’m pregnant. 

My cravings change everyday. I usually start craving things when I see them in the store or on TV. Also, if someone is talking about it, I will probably start craving it!


Experiencing any increase or decrease in pregnancy symptoms? Have any disappeared completely or are you noticing any new symptoms you haven’t experienced before?

My morning sickness is completely gone, thank goodness! As far a new symptoms: my legs and feet hurt all the time especially when I’ve been standing, walking, or running errands all day. My ribs feel like they are breaking apart and burning, especially after I eat. The things us mommas endure for our babies! Everything is getting harder. Simple everyday things like getting out of bed, putting my shoes and socks on, finding comfortable positions, especially when sleeping, are a struggle. I’m still really tired. There were a few weeks in the second trimester where I felt more energetic but that didn’t last very long. I am waking up like every hour at nighttime which causes me to be very tired during the day and hard to focus and get things done. 


Size of the baby?

Our little man is the size of a honeydew melon!  


Any stretch marks yet?

No stretch marks so far (PRAISE)! See my 23 week bumpdate where I talk about the different products I’m using to prevent stretch marks. Essential oils have been key in helping with this! 


Any pain or swelling in any new parts of your body or in different parts of your body than you’ve noticed before?

Yes, lots of pain and swelling in my legs and feet! I also feel like my face is a little softer around the edges, more swollen.


What are the workouts you do and ways you’re staying healthy when you’re 35 week pregnant?  

A lot of workouts hurt the bigger my belly gets so I’ve been kind of limited. I love pilates and barre classes because they are low impact and continue to tone and help me feel my best self. In a typical week, I’ll try to power walk three times and take one barre or pilates class. I’ve been loving Pilates Platinum and ya’ll know I LOVE Pure Barre.  


How are you still able to work during the day? What does a day look like for you at 35 week pregnant?

I am very fortunate to be my own boss and work from home. This gives me a lot of flexibility to work around the way I’m feeling on any particular day. I’m able to start and stop when I need take breaks, squeeze in a nap, or do whatever it is that my body needs at the moment. However, I will say I can only get about half of the work done than I used to which definitely has a lot to do with being so tired, having pregnancy brain, not being able to focus as much (SO many things going on in my mind all the time in this season) and all the things I am doing to get ready for the baby such as getting the house and nursery ready, doctor appointments, etc.


Best pregnancy products so far? What are they used for?

Click here for my first trimester must haves!


What are some things your husband has been doing that have really helped through the pregnancy?

My sweet husband holds me when I cry which happens all the time now. It’s so weird and I hate it because I NEVER cried before. Throughout the pregnancy, he’s helped a lot more with chores around the house because it hurts so badly to be on my feet (and then he rubs and massages them every night to help with the pain – thank you Jesus for such an amazing man!). David’s been really helpful with getting the house ready and going on lots of target runs with me to get supplies and other random things we need. He’ll go on multiple late night trips to get me food or anything I’m craving.


35 WEEK PREGNANT BUMPDATE featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger, and expecting mom, Ashley Hodges 35 WEEK PREGNANT BUMPDATE featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger, and expecting mom, Ashley Hodges 35 WEEK PREGNANT BUMPDATE featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger, and expecting mom, Ashley Hodges

35 WEEK PREGNANT BUMPDATE featured by popular Los Angeles lifestyle blogger, and expecting mom, Ashley HodgesLoving this dress from PinkBlush. It’s perfect for maternity photos!

Click >> here << for the link to the dress!


Are you fitting into maternity clothes yet? Any brands you’ve found that fit best for petite pregnancies?

90% of the clothes I wear are not maternity! Most Maternity clothes are too big and don’t fit me. I wear the BellaBand with all my pants. However, I have had great luck with maternity clothes from PinkBlush, Asos and Destination Maternity. I linked a few of my favorites below:



Weight Gain?

This biggest change from 23 weeks to 32 weeks has been the weight gain. I feel like my belly has tripled in size and I’ve gained significantly more weight everywhere else on my body. Everything all around is just getting bigger. I’ve gained 25 pounds so far which has probably been one of the hardest things for me to get used to. I’ve never really gained weight and have pretty much stayed the same weight since middle school so it has definitely been hard for me to see my body change so much. It’s brought out insecurities at times, but I just have to remind myself that weight gain is an unavoidable part of pregnancy and is what the baby needs to be healthy.


Follow-Up to Nipple Leakage: Have you found anything that helps other than band-aids? Has it slowed or gotten worse?

The nipple leakage is still very active and very real. I have to wear a bra at all times now (except at night when I am sleeping). I rarely used to wear a bra except when I would leave the house, but that’s not exactly an option anymore!. I’ve been wearing comfy sports bras and sleep bras from Kindred Bravely with nursing pads in them.


Have you experienced Braxton Hicks Contractions yet?

No Braxton Hicks contractions yet! Or, if I have, I didn’t notice (which sounds slightly impossible to not notice false labor pains).


I’ve heard pregnancy hormones can make women have funny dreams, have you experienced anything like this? How are you sleeping and is there anything helping you with the discomfort?

I haven’t had any funny dreams from the pregnancy hormones. I have narcolepsy so I haven’t had too much trouble sleeping thankfully. It’s mostly just struggling with trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in. I’ve been diffusing lavender every night which really helps so much. However, I do still wake up three or four times a night to pee and/or eat which can get annoying at times.


Have you started nesting/decorating the nursery?

Since David and I just moved to LA I’m still busy trying to get the rest of the house decorated and put together, but David and I have plans of starting the nursery next week which we’re really looking forward to!


Have you taken any child birthing classes? If so, what’s that experience like for you?

We haven’t taken any classes yet, but there are two classes we’re enrolled in that we’ll be taking soon!


There you have it! My 35 week pregnant bumpdate!! Hope you enjoyed reading this update! Comment below if there’s anything you’d like to know in my next bumpdate!


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Starving Author August 2, 2018 - 12:09 am

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and exciting journey with us!

Sharon Meekins August 2, 2018 - 12:49 pm

Ashley, I LOVE this post! You are gorgeous, Mama!

Jennifer McEnulty August 2, 2018 - 11:20 pm

You are having Braxton Hicks…..you just dont realize that when your baby feels like he is balling up into a ball or your stomach gets super tight….those are Braxton Hicks! (Coming from a Childbirth Educator)

Ashley August 5, 2018 - 10:05 am

Oh wow thats good to know! I have had those kinds of feelings! Crazy!!

Meredith Dangel August 3, 2018 - 7:19 am

Ashley, I gained 27 pounds and, like you, this was the first time I’d ever had so much weight on me. I lost 20 pounds within the first week (baby, amniotic fluid, etc.) and the remaining 7 came off quickly after that. You’ll be surprised! Don’t let it get you down! And enjoy the nursing boobs. 😉

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